ITC History

The Insurance Tax Conference was founded in 1972 by Edward M. Burgh as a group that would meet periodically to allow insurance tax professionals to exchange information and ideas and to establish professional relationships with other individuals in the insurance tax industry. Its first meeting was attended by about a dozen insurance tax professionals.

ITC was originally founded on the premise that it was important for insurance tax professionals to present a united front to the Internal Revenue Service on tax issues of importance to the insurance industry. This was necessary, not only because of the complexity of the tax law as it applied to insurance companies, but also because the insurance industry was changing rapidly. The use of new products and ever changing ways of taxing those products and the industry in general results in an increased emphasis on tax planning for many companies. The Insurance Tax Conference provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of new and ongoing issues of importance to the insurance industry by the most experienced insurance tax professionals and experts.

The two most important components of the Insurance Tax Conference are the Membership Directory and its Annual Seminars. The Membership Directory provides access to peers and experts in every facet of the insurance tax industry. 

The need to exchange ideas in a more formal fashion led to the first Insurance Tax Conference Annual Seminar in 1976. The 40th anniversary seminar was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in November 2015.